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10 Best Antivirus on Android 2016

10 Best Antivirus on Android 2016

If you want to protect your information from hackers, you should download any powerful antivirus app on your Android device. There are thousands of feature rich virus protection apps on Google Play but we’ve listed here only 10 popular and free #antivirus apps for Android.

CM Security Antivirus AppLock

1. CM Security Antivirus AppLock – One of the best free virus protect apps on the Google play store that is available free of cost. Very useful app that comes with many unique features and helps you also protect your mobile content with password. If you want to lock your apps individually for privacy purpose, this app must be on your phone. The app also has powerful virus detection feature that protects your smartphone from different types of viruses and harmful files.

CM Security Antivirus Applock comes with many features including fingerprint app lock system for supported device and you can download this awesome software free of cost on your android device. This app has several features such as private chat hiding option, private internet browsing, app locker with vault , wi-fi security, anti theft protection with find phone option, call blocking and many other powerful features. This app comes with a great unique feature that is AppLock Intruder Selfie which takes photo automatically of someone who entered the wrong password twice on your phone. Recommended security app for android users.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

2. AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android – This is one of the best free antivirus apps for Android devices that protects device from dangerous malware, spyware and viruses. AVG antivirus app lets you detect and remove malware and spyware easily with just a single tap. You can download this antivirus app on your Android phone free of cost. One of the best security apps that comes with tons of features such as locating lost or stolen phone, call and message blocker, storage optimisation, apps scanning , task killer option when your android system runs very slowly, safe & private internet browser , battery saver mode and many other useful features.

Mobile Security & Antivirus

3. Avast Mobile Security – Avast is one of the most popular free antivirus software companies on the internet that also offers a powerful antivirus app for Android device. The apps has lots of options such as malware protection, remote cell phone tracker, network meter, malware warning, security tools, app locker, call blocker and powerful virus scanner . Great app that can be downloaded on your android phone and tablet free of cost.

Antivirus Free-Mobile Security
4. Antivirus Free-Mobile Security – Powerful and simple antivirus app that can be installed on your phone or tablet free of cost. This app has lots of options that can help you to detect dangerous apps, spyware and malware. If you want to protect your phone from hackers and malicious apps, you can download this powerful virus protection app on your android phone or tablet. Great app that provides real time scanner with one tap protection option.

Lookout Security & Antivirus
5. Lookout Security & Antivirus – Lookout Security & Antivirus is one of the most downloaded free antivirus apps on Google Play Store that helps android users to protect their devices from different types of malware and spyware. The apps comes with many useful features such as theft protection, virus protection, malware and spyware tracker , find my phone option, phone backup, phone lock & wipe option, privacy advisor for apps and safe browsing tool that blocks automatically dangerous websites.

Norton Security and Antivirus

6. Norton Security Antivirus – Norton Security is a powerful free antivirus app for Android devices which can help Android users to protect their devices from all types of viruses and security related issues such as tracking stolen or lost phone, scanning new apps and SD cards for viruses and spyware, locking devices via SMS command etc. Great security app that lets you access their three

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Top 10 Hacking Apps To Turn Your Android device Into A Hacking Device In 2016

Top 10 Hacking Apps To Turn Your Android device Into A Hacking Device In 2016

Mobile devices is now very common now a days and mobile devices has changed the way of bi-directional communication. There are many operating system for mobile devices available but the most common and the best operating system for mobile is Android, it is an OS means you can install other applications (software's) on it. In Android application usually called apps or android apps.

The risk of hacking by using mobile devices is very common and people are developing and using different apps (application) for their hacking attack. Android has faced different challenges from hacking application and below is the list of application for android hacking.

1. Spoof App
Here is an app that spies at heart could use – SpoofApp. It allows you to use a fake Caller ID – a number that you are free to specify yourself, in order to protect your privacy or to pull a prank on someone. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, Apple didn’t think so, which is why it never allowed the app to enter its App Store. Google, however, didn’t mind, which is why SpoofApp was available on the Android Market for about two and a half years. However, it was banned from there last year as it allegedly was in conflict with The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009.This can be useful in social engineering.              

2. FaceNiff

Requirements: Android 2.1+ (rooted)

Overview: FaceNiff is an Android app that allows you to sniff and intercept web session profiles over the WiFi that your mobile is connected to.
It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK). It’s kind of like Firesheep for android. Maybe a bit easier to use (and it works on WPA2!). Please note that if webuser uses SSL this application won’t work.
Legal notice: This application is for educational purposes only. Do not try to use it if it’s not legal in your country. I do not take any responsibility for anything you do using this application. Use at your own risk

3. Penetrate Pro
Requirements: Android 2.1+ (rooted)
Overview: The most of the times you scan the Wi-Fi networks available around, they’re protected with key. Penetrate is an app that help you out with that. If the routers of that Wi-Fi networks are encrypted with WEP/WPA it will bring you the keys to access them. This seems a sort of cracking, but the developers says it isn’t, because it’s supposed to get the keys for penetration testing and you should use it only with permission from network owners. Well, apart from those regardings, it does what it says. Check the developer description to know which routers are supported.
Take in account that if you have an antivirus installed in your device, it will warn you about this app. The developer says it’s normal because it’s a security-related tool. Penetrate isn’t a danger for your phone.

This is the paid version (€1.99) that contains no ads, some more features and sponsors further development. What’s more, it allows you to use 3G to get the password instead of using dictionaries that you will have to download in the free version.
Penetrate works properly with the range of routers supported. We’re missing more though. Despite the apparent use for which it was developed this application, we all know the “regular” use. And if you’re looking for it, give it a chance. It’s a great app.

4. Anti-Android Network Toolkit
Requirements: Android 2.1+ (rooted)

Anti-Android Network Toolkit is an app that uses WiFi scanning tools to scan networks. You can scan a network you have the phone connected to or you can scan any other nearby open networks. Security admins can use Anti to test network host vulnerabilities to DoS attacks and other threats.
5. Andosid
AnDOSid is the application which is used for DOS attacks from Android mobile phones.

6. Nmap For Android

Nmap is a network scanner tool which gives the entire information of the ip address and website. There is a version of Nmap for Android users too, with the help of this app hackers can scan the IP'S through mobiles.        
7. The Android Network Toolkit

The Android Network Toolkit is an complete tool kit for the pen testers , where hackers can find expo lots using the mobile and penetrate or attacks the ip's according to their vulnerabilities.      
8. SSHDroid- Android Secure Shell
Secure shell or SSH is the best protocol that provides an extra layer of security while you are connecting with your remote machine.SSHDroid is a SSH server implementation for Android.

This application will let you to connect to your device from a PC and execute commands (like "terminal" and "adb shell").

9. WiFi Analyzer
WiFi Analyzer is one of the most popular applications in the Android Marketplace, which is really a testament to how wildly useful this tool is for both the average user and the more technically inclined. In the most basic of terms, WiFi Analyzer is a tool to scan the area for WiFi networks and determine which channel is the least populated so you can adjust your own hardware to a less congested part of the spectrum.

10. Network Discovery
Network Discovery is a handy tool for finding and enumerating devices on public WiFi networks. Network Discovery uses a simple ping scan to find hosts on the network, and then allows the user to select one of the found hosts to target for a TCP connect() scan.

How To Use More Than 60mb Limit With The Etisalat 0.0kb Free Browsing And How to use it on Pc

How To Use More Than 60mb Limit With The Etisalat 0.0kb Free Browsing And How to use it on Pc

This new tweak is timely as it came in a time of unprecedented free browsing scarcity. Honestly, the Glo 0.00 tweak is not very satisfying for so many guys that's why we at Techsparkhub.Com try as much as possible to provide the latest and blazing tweaks for you to complement with the not-so-good glo cheat. One major issue with the glo stuff is sudden drop in speed after using up to 10MB.

Well, if you have been a follow of this blog, you will agree with me that etisalat cheats always rocks as i said earlier and am happy to introduce this latest cheat to you guys so that you enjoy as well. We only hope it lasts.

1. It is very fast
2. It is easy to setup
3. Totally free as you don't have to subscribe to any data plan to power it
4. It's stable.

Like every other 0.00 tweak, the account balance on your etisalat SIM must be 0.00kband you must not have an active data plan to enjoy this tweak. Another important thing to note is that the cheat won't work on your phone if there is no strong and stable 3G network (it's very important)

Once you are sure you meet the above requirements, now follow the below APN and "Psiphon settings for the etisalat 0.00kb cheat working in 2016"

Name etisalat 0.00
APN: etisalat
Proxy empty
Port empty
Username leave it
Password leave it

Alternatively, you can leave your APN settings at default

First of all, download Psiphon VPN app fromHere (if you don't have it already)
Launch the app and configure it as follows
And also ypu can use netify Download Here
Tick Remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP or any others from the list
Real proxy port: 80

After that, tap on OPTIONS and selectUNITED STATE as your region, then go to yourMORE OPTIONS, and just untick Connect through an HTTP Proxy.

Finally, hit the START or CONNECT button

It will connect in a minute or so. Then start blazing and feel the blazing speed that etisalat offers. So far so good, it has been working flawlessly "without disconnection".

To enjoy this etisalat 0.00kb cheat on PC, we will apply the popular PdaNet method. Am sure you know how to tether your VPN data from your phone to PC. Anyway, if you don't know the procedures, i have already made a post that will guide you to achieve that with step by step instructions. You can check it up Here

We noticed this latest etisalat 0.00 cheat isdata capped at around 55.99MB but you can start over again and exceed the data cap by clearing your Psiphon data and cache, then replace new setting. Or usr another vpn application

Or use device id changer

Download and install ID Changer

Always check your data usage once you use up to 60mb you'll be disconnected once that happens and you're sure you've used 60mn on psiphon just

Open the ID Changer you downloaded under the ID Changer click on

After that click OK then under
click on that sign that looks like "x" to generate new ID

After that click on that sign that looks like triangle in front of that 'x' sign to apply the generated ID

And then you will get the successful message

Click ok and exit the ID changer and then go and reconnect the tweakware and you'll be able to use another 60mB once you finish the MB open the ID changer and click on that "X" to generate another ID and click on that triangle sign beside the 'X' sign to apply the new ID after that reconnect
That's it guys, if you have any question or finding it hard or confusing in anyway, kindly ask questions via the comments section and i will guide you more. Happy browsing!!!

HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle Full Specifications And Price

HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle Full Specifications And Price

there were speculations that the device may likely be followed by a Desire 10 variant and true to that, HTC Desire 10 specs have surfaced. According to reports the Desire 10 will come as HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle and HTC Desire 10 Pro but only  the specs of the Desire 10 Lifestyle is known now.

The HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle is said to have a 5.5-inch display which has got HD resolution of 1280 x 720pixels. The smartphone runs on Android 6.0 Mashmallow OS with HTC Sense hovering on top pf it. The Desire 10 Lifestyle model which features lower specs than the Desire 10 Pro boasts of a 13-megapixels rear facing camera which comes with backside-illuminated (BSI) sensor and single LED flash and a 5-megapixel front facing selfie shooter with BSI sensor as well. The front and rear cameras are reputed to be capable of full HD 1080pixels video recording.
The HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle is said to be powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor of yet-to-be-revealed speed. The smartphone will likely feature two memory variants, one with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and a lower version with 2GB RAM and 16GB of built-in storage.
Talking about the design, the Desire 10 Lifestyle is expected to be presented in several color variants ith all the variants featuring  metallic gold-trimmed edges as well as around key external hardwares like the flash, camera lens and antenna areas. The smartphone variants are also expected to feature matte, solid color finishes, quite different from the outlook of the Desire series smartphone models unveiled earlier in the year.
HTC has always paid rapt attention to the audio systems of their smartphones and the Desire 10 Lifestyle is not left out. The device offers Boomsound Hi-Fi Edition stereo speakers along with 24-bit system audio. In addition to that, the smartphones will come with higher quality ear pieces with ramped up frequency range intended to take advantage of the enhanced audio output.
The HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle equally comes with a host of connectivity options like 4G LTE, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and the smartphone and its Desire 10 Pro sibling are expected to be launched anytime in September with affordable price tag even though there’s no word on that yet, not even rumors.
HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle rumored specifications
5.5-inch (1280 x 720 pixels) HD display
Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
3GB RAM with 32GB storage, 2GB RAM with 16GB storage, expandable memory with microSD
Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) with HTC Sense UI
13MP rear camera with LED Flash, BSI sensor
5MP front-facing camera
Dual front-facing stereo speakers, Boomsound
4G LTE, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS

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MTN Begins 4G LTE Internet Services Trial In Nigeria

MTN Begins 4G LTE Internet Services Trial In Nigeria

MTN has kick-starts the trial run of its 4G LTE network services in Nigeria, The 4G LTE is a revolution to further provides superb speed broadband internet to mobile subscribers.

According to the reports, MTN claims the test run will only be available to already existing Visafone subscribers who is provisioned on 800 MHz band. This is a clear indication that MTN subscribers will not have to wait for long time before the service become available to all. According to a statement made by Amina Oyagbola, MTN executive:

“Our recent license acquisition further demonstrates our faith in the future of Nigeria, we believe in supporting the positive transformation of Nigeria and we have demonstrated this belief through the level of our investment since 2001, which currently stands at approximately $16 billion.”
Though there is no date to when the MTN 4G LTE test run will end but subscribers now have hope that the MTN 4G LTE will be pushed to all subscribers according to Richard Iweanoge:
“When we roll out fully, especially with our 2.6 GHz spectrum, the launch will help to enhance customer experience for our over 60 million subscribers, while ensuring greater coverage, access, affordability and ultimately a smart lifestyle for everyone,” he said.
Etisalat Night Data Plan - Get 1GB For Only N200

Etisalat Night Data Plan - Get 1GB For Only N200

Hi guys, deeply sorry for post this information lately, but it was as a result of Etisalat cupidity made me felt reluctant in publishing this post. Airtel offer night plan of 1.5GB for N50, MTN offer night plan of 500MB for N25. Now, Etisalat launched their own night plan of 1GB for N200 usable from 12am to 5am.

Anyway, if Etisalat is the only best network for streaming/downloading in your current location, below are the code to activate Etisalat night plan.

* Make sure you have a minimum balance of N200 airtime on your Etisalat sim
* Dial *229*3*11# to activate the plan
* It is a one day data plan valid from 12am midnight to 5am.

The plan works for all devices ranging from Android Smartphones, iPhone/iPad, Laptops, BB10, Windows phone, Symbian/Java phones; you just name it.

What do you think about this plan?
How to Know if Someone Else is Using Your Gmail Account

How to Know if Someone Else is Using Your Gmail Account

If hackers can maneuver their way into the accounts of top US officials who, for sure, is being protected with high levels of security by the NSA... how easy do you think it is for them to get into yours?

Hacking and cyber-criminal these days will do anything to milk some money out of their unsuspecting prey… And that prey, unfortunately, could even be you.
That is why you must take some precautionary measures in preventing such from happening to you. Email hijacking is one of them.

I will show you how to easily know if someone has currently logged in to your account, or using your account or your gmail has been compromised.

1. Go to the Gmail homepage using a computer. Not on your tablet, not on your phone, but on your computer.

2. Log in to your account using your username and password.

3. Once you’re in, scroll down to the bottom of the page on your screen.

4. On the right part of the screen at the bottom, look for the part that says “Last Account Activity”. Click on that part.

5. Under “Last Account Activity”, you’ll see a list of the last 10 times your account, indicating the IP address of the computer or device as well as the where you accessed it from.

If any of the IP addresses seem unfamiliar or suspicious, change your password immediately— just to be on the safe side.
Unfortunately, this features is only available to gmail. Other email providers like yahoo and MSN are still juggling up to meet up.

How To Double Or Multiply Your Data Plan Anytime You Subscribe On MTN

How To Double Or Multiply Your Data Plan Anytime You Subscribe On MTN

MTN Family is an offer from MTN that gives you 100% bonus on any data you purchased. You will be enjoying this offer for complete six month. It's a very good opportunity for any MTN user to get more data value with the same amount of money although it's not meant for everyone but i will show you how you will enjoy it even if you are not eligible for it.

What Is It All About
The IMEI we are tweaking is a Tecno Phantom 5 IMEI and MTN is giving users of the device surprising "100% Bonus On Any Data Plan they purchase" which after successful activation, will run till the next six months.

Assuming you buy 1.5gb data for N1000, with this offer, you will now be given 3gb for the same price valid for a month.

The same thing applies when you purchase the3.5gb data at N2000, you will be given 7gband this continues till six months so you getdouble data bonus as benefit.

Like i said earlier, it's not meant for everyone but you can make your line eligible by tweaking this IMEI 352262070765189. You can also useIMEI analyzer to verify the IMEI you want to tweak

After successfully tweaking the IMEI on your phone, don't send any message, just wait for a WELCOME message from MTN

What If I Didn't Receive The Message?
Wait for about 8 minutes after tweaking and if you didn't receive the message, you need to tweak another IMEI

After receiving the SMS from MTN, next step is to migrate to MTN beta talk by dialing *123*2*6#. You are all set. From henceforth, once you purchase any data from MTN, you will be given another data worth the same value of what you purchased.

You can check all MTN available data plans and bundles by dialing *131# and enjoy 100% bonus.

How To Tweak IMEI
I know some people are still new to the tweaking world while some are already wizards in it so am addressing this to the guys and ladies that are new to it. I have already provided step by step guide on how to tweak IMEI both on MTK devices and non MTK devices.
If you are still confused or skeptical about the whole thing, don't worry; you can select from any of the below Tecno phantom 5 IMEI which i have already generated for this tweak.

MTN Family Double Data IMEI Numbers

How To Check Data Balance
To check your data balance, send 2 to 131 or dial *559*2#

Let us know via the comments section if you are currently enjoying this off
You Can Now Use Airtel Midnight Plan During The Day With This Simple Trick

You Can Now Use Airtel Midnight Plan During The Day With This Simple Trick

I know most people do not like waking up late in the night just to download well i don't like it that much buT there's no option left,  so yesterday i saw a post online concerning using airtel night plan in the day so i decided to inform
users but you can just download with it and not browse

First of all subscribe to the Airtel night plan from 12am to 5am and you will be given 1.5gb just with 50naira. Make sure you do not finish it so as to use it in the morning.

In the morning, change your time to that of mid-night.. preferably 12:10am

Go back to what you were downloading and click resume and your file will continue downloading. It looks to be simple but it is not because it has disadvantage of not being able to browse but rather it will only download your already in progress download after it has passed 5:00am.

Dont forget that once your 1.5gb has finished, it will automatically stop. It has currently been tested on UC browser and opera mini

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How To Borrow DATA On MTN New Plan Introduced Xtrabyte And Things You Need To Know

How To Borrow DATA On MTN New Plan Introduced Xtrabyte And Things You Need To Know

MTN XtraByte is a service that allows eligible customers borrow data on credit when they run out of data while browsing and pay back on their next recharge.
I see this as a welcome idea knowing that similar service was launched by MTN some years but was only for airtime (call cards) so giving its subscribers the option to borrow data is a good innovation because many people now prefer to have data on their Smartphones than having call airtime. Am one of those that prefer data to airtime. I don't know about you. 

Interesting thing about this offer is that you can borrow airtime through MTN XtraTime, also borrow "data through XtraByte" as long as you are eligible for the services. So both voice and data options are there for you. 

To be eligible to borrow megabyte (Data) with MTN XtraByte, you must fulfil these criteria below
=> Your SIM must be registered
=> Your number must have been active on the network for at least 3 months
=> Your main account balance must be between#0 and #12

How To Check If You Are Eligible 
You can check if you are eligible for MTN XtraByte data service by dialling the code,*606# and then select 1 from your registered MTN line

Data Bundles Available On XtraByte include:

1. 10MB
2. 30MB
3. 100MB
4. 200MB
5. 750MB

How To Borrow Data From MTN
To Borrow, dial *606# and follow the prompt appropriately 

To check your borrowed Megabyte balance, dial*606#, then select check balance.

If you have enough credit on your line, you will receive a message like this after dialing the code; which means you can't borrow until you have less than N12 in your balance. 


1. You can borrow data once you are eligible even if you have an existing airtime loan that you are yet to pay back and can and also borrow airtime once you are eligible even if you have an existing data loan that you are yet to pay back as long as you are within your credit limit.

2. The XtraByte data will be loaded into a special XtraByte account and not the usual normal data account.

3. To pay back the borrowed data, MTN will deduct your airtime when next you recharge on that line (equivalent to the price for the borrowed data bundle) it can also be deducted via Share N Sell or any other means

For instance, if a customer owing N110XtraByte does a recharge of N400, the N110 owed is first deducted from the recharge, then N290 will be loaded into the customer’s main account.

4. You are allowed to borrow XtraByte data as many times as possible as long as you has no outstanding XtraByte payment and is eligible for the service.

However, you have to pay up all outstanding XtraByte data to be eligible to use the service again.

If you still have any question in regards to this, kindly use the comments section to ask and i will attend to you ASAP.

Check More Information About The Xtrabyte



How To Tweak Imei
MTK device
MTN sim

How To Get The Free GB
Now when you have all this requirement

Now add two (2) numbers to this IMEI  (867066025298) and copy and past it in this site

After copying and pasting it in the site you will get a full 15 digits IMEI,

Example => 867066025298129

Or you can just add any three numbers to the twelve (12) numbers
Now tweak your phone with the IMEI you generated.

What I mean by tweaking is to just change your phone IMEI number.

After successful IMEI tweaking
Go to phone message and


 MB to 131

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This Trick to bypass iPhone passcode 2016 edition works on iPhone 6s/6s plus , iPhone 6 / plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 4 and 4s.

#1. How To Bypass iPhone Passcode – Using iCloud

If you have enabled the find my phone feature on you iDevice then you can easily bypass iphone passcode 2015 lockscreen. Just you need to follow below steps to unlock or bypass iphone lockscreen !!

Step 1 : First of all you need to open iCloud website from this link.

Step 2 : Now just login with you iCloud Id and password.

Step 3 : After this just select the all device option from the top most corner.

Step 4 : After this just select you device on which you want to remove passcode.

Step 5 : Now after selecting the device just click on “Erase” option. This will erase all the data from you iphone and also the passcode.

Step 6 : In order to get back your data just restore the backup using itunes. The backup data must not contain the passcode otherwise your device will again asks you for passcode.

#2. How To Bypass iPhone Passcode – Using iTunes

This method uses the latest version of iTunes. So, first of all download and install the latest version of iTunes on you PC adn followi below steps to unlock iphone passcode.

Step 1 : First of all connect your iPhone with you PC using iTunes and open the iTunes.

Step 2 : After opening the iTunes it will automatically sync your iPhone and will create a backup of all your data.

Step 3 : Just click on Restore iPhone. There will be list of backups if any !

Step 4 : After that just choose the most recent backup or any other backup of your device.

Step 5 : After completion of your restore process, you’ll able to use your phone without the passcode. Enjoy!

NOTE : This method works only if you already have backup the iPhone while it is not protected with passcode.

#3. How To Bypass iPhone Passcode – Using Recovery Mode

Below is the another working way to do this :

Step 1 : First of all you need to hold Sleep/Wake button and then tap on Power Off option to enter in DFU mode.

Step 2 : Now Press and Hold Home button and at the same time plug in your device with your computer then your device will be automatically turned on.

Step 3 : Keep pressing the home button until you see option that “Connect to iTunes”

Step 4 : After this there will a message will prompt that show it has detected a device all you need is to tap on OK button.

Step 5 : After this just restore the iPhone from the restore option and select the desired backup from the list and tab on OK.  That’s it you have successfully bypass iphone passcode.