How To Use More Than 60mb Limit With The Etisalat 0.0kb Free Browsing And How to use it on Pc

This new tweak is timely as it came in a time of unprecedented free browsing scarcity. Honestly, the Glo 0.00 tweak is not very satisfying for so many guys that’s why we at Techsparkhub.Com try as much as possible to provide the latest and blazing tweaks for you to complement with the not-so-good glo cheat. One major issue with the glo stuff is sudden drop in speed after using up to 10MB.

Well, if you have been a follow of this blog, you will agree with me that etisalat cheats always rocks as i said earlier and am happy to introduce this latest cheat to you guys so that you enjoy as well. We only hope it lasts.

1. It is very fast
2. It is easy to setup
3. Totally free as you don’t have to subscribe to any data plan to power it
4. It’s stable.

Like every other 0.00 tweak, the account balance on your etisalat SIM must be 0.00kband you must not have an active data plan to enjoy this tweak. Another important thing to note is that the cheat won’t work on your phone if there is no strong and stable 3G network (it’s very important)

Once you are sure you meet the above requirements, now follow the below APN and “Psiphon settings for the etisalat 0.00kb cheat working in 2016”

Name etisalat 0.00
APN: etisalat
Proxy empty
Port empty
Username leave it
Password leave it

Alternatively, you can leave your APN settings at default

First of all, download Psiphon VPN app fromHere (if you don’t have it already)
Launch the app and configure it as follows
And also ypu can use netify Download Here
Tick Remove port
Proxy type: Real host
Proxy server:
Real proxy type: HTTP or any others from the list
Real proxy port: 80

After that, tap on OPTIONS and selectUNITED STATE as your region, then go to yourMORE OPTIONS, and just untick Connect through an HTTP Proxy.

Finally, hit the START or CONNECT button

It will connect in a minute or so. Then start blazing and feel the blazing speed that etisalat offers. So far so good, it has been working flawlessly “without disconnection”.

To enjoy this etisalat 0.00kb cheat on PC, we will apply the popular PdaNet method. Am sure you know how to tether your VPN data from your phone to PC. Anyway, if you don’t know the procedures, i have already made a post that will guide you to achieve that with step by step instructions. You can check it up Here

We noticed this latest etisalat 0.00 cheat isdata capped at around 55.99MB but you can start over again and exceed the data cap by clearing your Psiphon data and cache, then replace new setting. Or usr another vpn application

Or use device id changer

Download and install ID Changer

Always check your data usage once you use up to 60mb you’ll be disconnected once that happens and you’re sure you’ve used 60mn on psiphon just

Open the ID Changer you downloaded under the ID Changer click on

After that click OK then under
click on that sign that looks like “x” to generate new ID

After that click on that sign that looks like triangle in front of that ‘x’ sign to apply the generated ID

And then you will get the successful message

Click ok and exit the ID changer and then go and reconnect the tweakware and you’ll be able to use another 60mB once you finish the MB open the ID changer and click on that “X” to generate another ID and click on that triangle sign beside the ‘X’ sign to apply the new ID after that reconnect
That’s it guys, if you have any question or finding it hard or confusing in anyway, kindly ask questions via the comments section and i will guide you more. Happy browsing!!!

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