Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How To Resume Broken Download Link in Opera Mini On Android

Opera mini is kind of faster than Uc browser and the good quality page view it gives, But one annoying thing about opera mini is that fact that when you are using it to download large files. it often pop up saying"download failed"  This is very bad... Well here is the solution on how to resume the broken link ( download failed ) continue working again via your opera mini 

1. First of all, try to download a large files(more than 10 MB) like movies or software or wait it to fail it. And don't click on Retry.

2. Now, Launch ES file explorer or any other explorer and then Navigate to the location of the interrupted file (where Opera mini stores the downloadable files). And then Rename the file whatever you like.

For example, The file (name which is interrupted should be renamed as

3. Now, go again to Opera mini and then click on Retry. And, then wait until it shows 0.1 MB downloaded.

4. Now Pause the download.

5. Now, again launch ES file explorer and navigate to the path of download files (step 2). And, there you will see two files. First one which you have renamed as and second one as 

6. Now, again rename the Original file i.e. to

Note: When you try to rename the file, your file explorer may ask for Move or replace the file. Then do it as usual.

7. Now again, go back to Opera Mini and then resume the downloadable file as usual. You will see that your downloadable file again started from there where it was failed. That's it.