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How To Crack Any pattern or password Lock On Android

How To Crack Any pattern or password Lock On Android

You may want to do this for hack purposes or  to unlock your phone in case you have forgotten its pattern or passkey.
What do I need?
1.A computer
2. Andriod SDK
3. A working universal serial bus (USB) cable
2.Extract ANDROID SDK tools
3.Open ANDROID SDK folder
4. Open SDK folder
5. Open platform tools folder
6. Copy the file path that's leads to platform tools folder

7. Goto my computer
8.Right click and open advanced system settings
9. Click environment variables and then click path
10. In the variable value space fix this ; and the end of all the text written and paste the path you copied on your platform tools folder

11. Save and go back to your platform tools folder
12. In the platform tools folder hold shift and right click and select  open command prompt here
13. In the command prompt type adb and press enter
14. Next type adb devices and click enter , if your device model shows then you phone is well connected
15. Now type adb shell and click enter
16. Now if your phone is rooted type su and press enter , if your phone is not rooted pls don't type it.
17. Now type rm  /data/system/gesture.key and then press enter. Now your phone has been unlocked
in the place of gesture type password if your device is locked with a password.
Your phone will still display  a password or pattern has been used to lock the phone , but now any pattern you draw or password you type will certainly open the phone . All you need to do to make your screen lock normal is to go and set your screen lock again.

How To Share Apps In Google Play Store

How To Share Apps In Google Play Store

It is an undoubted truth that Google Play has an exhausting number of apps in the store, so finding the right ones become problematic. But now, how are you going to see the right one; how do you find the right ones?
How to share apps in Google Play
Not all the apps we get from the shore come from Search. For me, most of the apps I have gotten come from my friends or even from strangers, most particularly I get apps from the store on the recommendation of people’s opinions. This is almost the general case, many people get apps from the feedback they have gotten from others. For this reason, you are always seeing those little pop-ups when using some apps (annoying to me) requesting you to rate it. But then it is only nice sharing nice apps, and not too undeserved rating bad apps harshly too.
So in this guide we will present you the procedures of sharing apps from Google Play
Okay, let us take it that you have come across one lovely app you intend recommending for a friend.It could be you desire to have a video chat with your sister but unfortunately she hasn’t installed Skype or Duo in their device. But then, you must not necessarily tell them to go look for it themselves, you could simply share a link to the app straight in Google Play.
How can you do this?
To begin with you will have to tap on the Google Play icon appearing on your home screen.
From there you will now swipe in from the left edge of the screen. Another way round this is tapping the three-line menu icon appearing in the top white bar so as to open the menu.
From there, you can tap My apps & games.
How to share apps in Google Play
After that, you can swipe up so as to scroll down the list of Installed apps.
If you wish to share the app, just tap on it.
Swipe up if you want to scroll down past the app listing, past the reviews and rating.
How to share apps in Google Play
Okay, you can then tap the Share button.
Click so as to choose the particular service via which you desire to share your app’s link.
How to share apps in Google Play
So you can now share the link.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Airtel 30gb for 60days via tweaking imei Hurry And Grab Yours Now

Airtel 30gb for 60days via tweaking imei Hurry And Grab Yours Now

How to get airtel free 30gb for 60days

firstly,tweak this imei 

change the last 4 digit

with imei analyser

Download imei analyser Here




then Goto your message box

Press S861143032417764
to 232

then goto your SMS bomber

download SMS bomber

accumulate it 9 or 10times

You will a message that

You have been rewarded 30gb for 60days

dial *223# to check 

Good luck

Monday, October 17, 2016

Get Free 10GB On Your Airtel Sim Card Now

Get Free 10GB On Your Airtel Sim Card Now

Tools That Are Required
1. Get An Airtel New valid sim (registered SIM)
2. Rooted Android Tweaking phone.
3. Imei Analyzer APP
4. MTK Engineering APP
If you Already Have those Required Tools Listed Above then you are good to go
How To Get Your Awoof 5GB DATA
Then tweak this Imei ==>861143032390649
By changing the last 5 or 4 digits

After successful tweaking,
Now send the imei to232
Eg S861143032390649 to 232
Then SMS JOIN to 141 and you will get a successful message like screenshot above.
Please and please Drop your comments below!
Enjoy!!! Don't forget to share with Friends 
WOW!!! Mtn 3000 airtime free + 100 SMS + 100mb

WOW!!! Mtn 3000 airtime free + 100 SMS + 100mb

I have always said it that mtn and diamond hello account ain’t stupid either Now if you have an mtn sim Dial *710#
Then If it shows you
1) Bank Service
Then you are good to go But if it asks you to reg new account Just reg a new account and one week later before you can try this Next step if it works then exit and dial *710*1*6# Choose
1) request loan

Then choose

3) request loan of 3000
1) to accept terms
You will be asked to enter your pin
Just enter your pin and in 10 minutes your loan will be approved
You will get a message after that dial *710# then choose 2) mtn services
Then choose airtime
Then enter 2900 as amount Then your pin You will be credited with #2950.
NOTE: This offer is not meant for those that jus wanna register DYA as a new member…. Its for old members dat hav reg for long….
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Sunday, October 16, 2016

ATTENTION! Larawith me is Sick

ATTENTION! Larawith me is Sick

Hello guys, this post might be coming late but it’s just an update on Lara with me. There was an attack on it on telegram and for the past days, it has not been paying. Some user gang up against it and report it as a scam bot which is not true. Larawith mewas paying daily and constantly before the massive attack. 

Telegram from their end deactivated the automatic paying feature and the manual payment is not working as expected due to huge investors. 

For now Lara with me is sick and the creator promised to bring it back in 10 to 14 days. So I’ll advice anyone not to invest in it for now until she fully recovered from the attack.

Larawithme was not the only bot that was affected, was equally affected. So do not invest your money in orLarawith me for now. It is not wise to do that.

Thank you.
MTN Offer Get Over 300% On Recharge

MTN Offer Get Over 300% On Recharge

Those of us that make a lot of calls should will appreciate this newly launched awoofoffer. MTN Awuf4u is a newly introduced offer from MTN Nigeria and it promises to reward customers with 200% airtime bonus on every recharge below N100 and 300%airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 and above.

How does it work?
You need to recharge with this code*888*PIN#
For instance, if you recharge with N100, you’ll get N400 in Awuf4U account. In other words N100 (recharge value) + N300 (bonus)

If you recharge with N400, you’ll get N1,600in Awuf4U account. In other words N400(recharge value) + N1, 200 (bonus)

If you recharge with N750, you’ll get N3,000in Awuf4U account. In other words N750(recharge value) + N2, 250 (bonus).

Highlights of MTN Awuf4u
>>Calls to All Networks in Nigeria
>>SMS to all networks
>>International call to 28 destinations
>>Call rate 45K/S (N27/Min)/ International (66k/sec)
>>For N100 – N200 recharge, Validity period 14 days

>>For N201 and above, validity period 30 days.
[HOT] Earn Unlimited Recharge From Your Android. Hurry And get Yours Now

[HOT] Earn Unlimited Recharge From Your Android. Hurry And get Yours Now

Mcent is an app that let users to earn Free airtime by Downloading some apps and referring Others.It enables user to get #200 when they refer a person to use the app

Sunday - Sunday Bonus #200 naira per refer Hurry Grab yours Now

1. Download mcent latest version here

2. Sign up for an account with you current number And Verify It

3.  Then go to settings and click show hidden offers

4.  Then on Apps choose The one suitable for you for and download it
5.  After Downloading the app open it for atleast 2 min then go back to the mcent app you will see airtime on top you can use it to recharge, make calls and buy data.

   To earn more airtime just click the refer icon on top and share with friends to get the #200 Bonus
Checkout The Top 20 Apps On Google Play Store As At Today

Checkout The Top 20 Apps On Google Play Store As At Today

In a recent view to the Google Play Store to find out the trending apps that made the top 20 as at this time.

It will really surprise you that those apps you think are very popular ain't the once topping the chart.

Well that's enough of me doing the talking, let's head down to the chart in descending order.

#20. OfferUp: Is the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers, it is estimated to have about 10Million downloads.

#19. Is a video community that allows you to create, share and discover short videos. It is estimated to have 10million downloads.

#18. Google Photos: Is a new photo gallery from Google, made for the way you take photos today. Your photos and videos will be automatically backed up and organized, so you can find and share them faster - and never run out of space on your phone.

#17. Clean Master (Boost & Applock): helps accelerate Ram and clean up junk and cache files! Clean Master also provides real-time protection with the #1 antivirus engine, and secures private data with app-lock function and has 500million downloads.

#16. Super-Bright LED Flashlight: Instantly turns your device into a bright flashlight. The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the LED light.

#15. Uber: If you need a reliable ride in minutes then Uber is the app for you—no reservations or waiting in taxi lines.

#14. Pinteress: Is the world’s catalog of ideas. Find and save recipes, parenting hacks, style inspiration and other ideas to try!

#13. Letgo: A fun, unique way to buy and sell second hand stuff within your neighborhood...It's free and simple.

#12. WhatsApp Messenger: I was actually thinking WhatsApp will be somewhere around 2nd - 3rd on the chart but look where it is... WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. It has 1billion downloads on the Play Store.

#11. Netflix: Is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your phone. This Netflix mobile application delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime with 100million downloads.

#10. YouTube Music: Lets you watch and listen to a nearly endless catalog in an app designed for music discovery.

#09. Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie: First Ever Push-to-Talk Video Chat.

#08. Spotify Music: With Spotify, you have access to a world of music.  You can listen to artists and albums, or create your own playlist of your favorite songs.

#07. Bitmoji: Is your personal emoji. Use it in Snapchat and wherever else you chat!

#06. Wish: An online shopping mall with the hottest products and incredible prices.

#05. Pandora: Gives you personalized radio that plays what you love and continually evolves with your tastes.

#04. Instagram: Is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love.

#03. Snapchat: Life's more fun when you live in the moment...100million+ downloads.

#02. Facebook: Keeping up with friends is faster than ever. With over 1billion downloads.

#01. Messenger: Instantly reach the people in your life—for free. Messenger is just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message (it works with your mobile data plan).

See Screenshots

Download The Latest GBWhatsapp Version 4.9.1 Here

Download The Latest GBWhatsapp Version 4.9.1 Here

There are several modded WhatsApp applications out there and what they all do basically is that they provide more features than you will find on the stock app .Modded WhatsApp also unlocks many of the hidden features on the stock app and they also give you more control over your WhatsApp like the privacy settings.

One of the best modded WhatsApp you can get out there is GB WhatsApp. Aside the fact that it's one of the most popular modded WhatsApp application, it also provides regular updates just like the stock app and newer features are added regularly.

Another good thing about Gbwhatsapp is that you don't need to uninstall your stock WhatsApp before installing it as both apps can work on a single phone. What this means is that you can run two different WhatsApp application on a single smartphone without any issue whatsoever.
Below are the features of the latest Gbwhatsapp version 4.9.1

Features Of The Gbwhatsapp
* Hide the possibility of appearing
* Privacy Options
* The possibility of distinguishing between the collective messages and regular
* Possibility of a lock for Watts in August password
* The possibility of sending video size 30 MB instead of 16 MB
* The ability to send audio clip size up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
* The possibility of sending 90 image at once without 10
* The possibility of developing the case number 250 dependent characters instead of 139 characters
* The possibility of pressure on the links without storing number sender of the message or the owner
* Counter statistics for groups
* View the media without loading
* The possibility to hide the name and the date when two or more copies
* The possibility of copying case
* The possibility of changing the form of the program, and change the program icon and notices
* And many more features.

What's New in GBWhatsApp 4.91

* Update to version 2.16.259 Almarki
* (Exclusively) the possibility of sending an audio clip (song) sized up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB
* The possibility of the amendment to the images before sending
* The possibility of sending Animations
* You can now post messages or re-routed to several chats at the same time.
* Add Almenchen feature in the Community
* When you record video clips you can now scan your finger up or down to zoom in or zoom out.
* Allows you to the front flash light to take pictures of my predecessor in the dark.
* Add 2.4.10A option to change the background color of a call button
02/02/32 * Add option to change the color icon Hah contact attached in talks
* Fixed a problem sending the video in some devices
* Repair screen appears in white when you attach an image in some devices
* Other reforms

Download Gbwhatsapp V 4.9.1
Download Latest GBWhatsapp from this

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How To Add Upto 2000 Members To Your Whatsapp Group

How To Add Upto 2000 Members To Your Whatsapp Group

There are so much Moded WhatsApp are released in every week . GB , OG and Prime are some of the most popular Moded WhatsApp.

Ever you think how they create this kind of Moded apps and can we also modify our apps? Yes you can make simple modifications in your own WhatsApp also as you like.
You can change everything if you have good skill in Coding and programming. Here we share a simple tricks to make small modifications to your WhatsApp.

For this ...Your phone should be a rooted one .
1. Install any file manager (Es files manageris best Choice)

2. Go to settings of ES file manager tools turn On " Root Explorer "

That's it. Now the work begins πŸ˜‰
3. Go to device folder.

4. Find out the following folder
5. Data > Data > com.whatsapp > Shared pref.

6. Now you can see an XML file .
this is the basic structure of WhatsApp Folder .

We are going to modify on it .

Now first check how to add more than 256 members in a WhatsApp Group .

Find out the following code
int name=”participants_size_limit” value=”256

Now change the value of 256 to any value .... (click on pencil button to edit)
That's it .

Force stop WhatsApp and then reopen .

Another Common problem Faced by WhatsApp users is Media limit .

Whatapp allowed only 16MB of Data shareing .

Change the value from 16 to any Value. (look at the below image to find out the code)

OK guys if are interested in more modifications and make your own WhatsApp you can try it by changing other values also.
(Do it carefully. I am not responsible for any After effects)