Friday, December 30, 2016

Facebook Releases New Group Video Call Feature On Messenger

Facebook Releases New Group Video Call Feature On Messenger

Up to six people can video call at the same time, but Facebook doesn’t want to force everyone in a group to participate. As Product Manager Andrew Song told Digital Trends, not everyone is always “video-call ready.”

“We designed this experience with mobile phones in mind,” Song said. “And we were trying to figure out how we can create this party or fun atmosphere with a set of people. Being able to get in the same space and have that energy that you would if you were in the same physical space is what this is really for.”

If the video call limit has filled up or if you’re at work and can’t join in, you can still see what’s going on and respond with messages or your voice.  The company says up to 50 people can listen in a group call and “chime in via voice” or continue to send messages as well.

You’ll have to create a group or be in an existing one to be able to tap on the group video call icon — each person can join in when they’re ready with a tap, and you can ring certain people or the whole group.
DSTV Reduces Prices of Subscription Across Africa, Plans Increases In Nigeria

DSTV Reduces Prices of Subscription Across Africa, Plans Increases In Nigeria

DStv would also add several exciting channels to the lower-tiered bouquets in the black nations to boost the content offering for cheaper packages and add content value.

The countries that would benefit from the offer are Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Botswana, neglecting Nigeria, its biggest market, according to a report.

There are chances that the company may soon increase the subscription fee in Nigeria.

A top source close to the management of Multichoice Nigeria, who claimed anonymity due to the sensitivity of the issue, said that the company decided to slashed fees in the countries after it observed that about 40 per cent of its subscribers had refused to renew their subscriptions due to economic recession that bites harder their compared to Nigeria, which has been recently rated the biggest economy in the continent.

“To compensate our Nigerian viewers, we will introduce more amazing channels to the existing entertaining programmes” she revealed.
But in a quick response, a business lawyer, Bar. Seun Adewole, stated that while most Nigerians suffered in silence, foreign companies like Multichoice ripped them off their hard earned money.

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How To Get Over 30k with Just 6k In a week

How To Get Over 30k with Just 6k In a week

İCharity is a cooperative kind of business.
It is the kind of business we call Osusu, Ajodo or Adachi/Apache.
İt entered into Nigeria few months ago and it has spread all over Nigeria.

You join with 6000 and that is the only money that will come from Ur pocket forever.

To register u need to register under a member that registered in this group so you can also get your down lines very fast*

*Once u have registered u upgrade.*
*By making the payment to Ur upline's bank account.*

*Then we place 5 down lines under you that will pay you 6,000 each making 30,000 within few days*

*Once u have Ur 5 downlines u will earn a total sum of 30,000.*

*Then u are expected to take 12000 from the 30,000 and pay into your upline's upline account for you to be upgraded to grade 2.*

*Once you upgrade to grade 2,  u are qualified to receive 12000 each from 25 persons*

*Which will sum up to 300,000,000.*

*From that u are expected to take 24,000 from the money to upgrade to grade 3
Once you upgrade to grade 3,  u are qualified to receive 24,000 each from 125 persons*

*That is how it goes till u get to grade 10.*

*Go through this to understand what you stand to gain by joining this great business opportunity.*

   *It's another excellent  opportunity for you to expand your charitable heart..*                                            
*Do you know you can extend a helping hand and become financially fearless??* 😳

Do you wish to establish a new business?
Do you want to complete a house project or build a new one?

Family vacation abroad?

Pay your school fees?? etc

If yes, then you need to REGISTER & GET LARGER DONATIONS.                                              will tell you how... 🤓

1⃣ 1st grade:
No of Donnees 5
You donate N6000
Received N30,000

2⃣ 2nd grade:
No of Donnees 25
You donate N12,000
Received N300,000

3⃣ 3rd grade:
No of Donnees 125
You donate N24,000
Received N3,000,000,

4⃣ 4th grade:
No of Donnees 625
You donate N36,000
Received N22,500,000

5⃣ 5th grade:
No of Donnees 3125
You donate N60,000
Received N187,500,000

6⃣ Grade 6:
No: of Donnees 15625
Your Donation N90,000
Received Donation N1,406,250,000

7⃣ Grade 7:
No: of Donnees 78125
Your Donation N120,000
Recieved Donation N8,655,360,000

8⃣ Grade 8:
No: of Donnees 390625
Your Donation N240,000
Recieved Donation N93,750,000,000

9⃣ Grade 9:
No: of Donnees 1953125
Your Donation N351,000
Recieved Donation N685,546,870,000

1⃣0⃣ Grade 10:
No: of Donnees 9765625
Your Donation N501,000
Recieved Donation N4,892,578,100,000

Just by donating and receiving donations...nothing else but just 100% member to member donation platform, payable directly into your account.                      HURRY......

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How To Transfer Money From Your Bank To Other Banks With Your Phone With Ease

How To Transfer Money From Your Bank To Other Banks With Your Phone With Ease

Nigerian Bank Logos and Bank Account
Logos of Various Banks in Nigeria and Bank Account

This is a post that will show you how you can transfer money from your bank account to other bank accounts by dialing just some few codes using just your mobile phone.
It works on all phone and even Nokia 3310 can do any bank transaction very well.
However, you should be aware that, before you make the transfer, you should be sure to be using the same sim card you used to register your account when you were opening the account.
Find below the various codes that you can use to transfer money from your bank account to another bank account.
With these codes you can even do more than just a transfer; you can also recharge your sim directly from your bank account, check your account balance, and do much more.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) – *737#
Fidelity Bank – *770#
First Bank – *894#
Sterling Bank – *822#
Skye Bank – *389#
United Bank for Africa (UBA) – *389#
EcoBank – *326#
Zenith Bank – *302#
Stanbic Bank – *909#
Access Bank Bank – *901#
Wema Bank – *322#
Diamond Bank – *302#
For Diamond Yello Account holders – *710#
Unity Bank – *322#
Heritage Bank USSD – *322#
KeyStone Bank USSD – *322#
Union Bank – .389032#
Fcmb – *389#
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Wednesday, December 21, 2016



I know some guys will be itching to browse for free using the fastest browsing network in Nigeria 'Etisalat' So am happy to introduce to you this latest free browsing using Queencee Vpn V8. Butsadly it not good as on cant bypassthe 60MB data limit. We are working on other proxy's for you guys. So for the mean time just use this.

Simply Use the Etisalat default APN for your phone setting i.e APN should be etisalat and both username and password, leave them empty

Proxy Server Type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Server Type: Inject
Real Proxy Server:
Port: 8080
Tap on Save button.

» Immediately you click save, a pop up message will appear requesting to use Tunnel whole device, just tap on the option to Tunnel Whole Device.

In Region, select United States or Netherlands or Best Performance.

Now tap on the Start button, wait for few seconds for it to Connect. Then, after its connected, start browsing.

You will have to wait, chill  before it will connect.

That's all.
Top Tips to make your Instagram and Snapchat Account more popular

Top Tips to make your Instagram and Snapchat Account more popular

huawei y6 II

Instagram and SnapChat have become immensely popular in the past few years with over 700 million users which include businesses. These social media sites are used to engage with friends and loved ones. SnapChat has achieved an amazing feat of becoming the second most popular social media app in a very short time.
The secret to really enjoying social media especially Instagram and Snapchat is to have the right smartphone with a fantastic camera. Experts say that the quality of a smartphone’s camera is one of the most important requirements for a good picture whether capturing photos from last night’s dinner, holidays or date nights.
The Huawei Y6II’s 13 Megapixel rear camera has very nice features to make your Instagram and Snapchat photos and videos spectacular; a super night mode to give better quality pictures at night, the 13 MP rear camera captures every little detail to make it perfect for your social media photos. There is also a beautification mode with face recognition and 10 level face enhancement feature which means you get to have your picture edited automatically without the stress of photo editing apps. And to top it up, it has a 5.5-inch, 1280×720 HD display which makes all photos on the Y6II look superb.
Use these few tips below to keep your Snapchat and Instagram on the “super-cool” list:
  • Photo editing – Use the Y6II’s inbuilt beautification technology to enhance your photos with various makeup styles and simply touch the image to preview your applied effects. The beautification technology gives you amazing and very natural effects.
  • Panorama Pictures: Average smartphones don’t give you a wide angle for taking group selfies “groufies” and this most times is a disadvantage especially when you want to capture scenery around you such as a beach you’re on at a vacation, your well arranged apartment, your nice dress, etc. The Huawei Y6II solves this problem as it has a 77’ angle lens which captures more detail.
  • Quick Updates on the Go – The Huawei Y6II uses a high end Kirin 620 64-bit A53 Octa-core processor which makes the phone perform activities quickly. This comes in handy especially for Snapchat lovers who usually want to capture random moments and quickly post. The impressive processor ensures smooth performance even while multi-tasking.
  • Keep it Fresh and Interesting: Create witty captions to always keep your followers wanting more and thereby creating engagement on your page. Even though having a super-cool phone like the Huawei Y6II does a lot for you, ensure your page content is fresh, fun and regularly updated. Having lots of LOL’s and laughter emojis in your comments shows you’re doing things right
Sell Your Payoneer Dollars At The Profitable Rate In Nigeria Naira

Sell Your Payoneer Dollars At The Profitable Rate In Nigeria Naira

Hello guys!... If you use Payoneer, then you probably know what I'm about to rant about Nigerian ATM machines and Payoneer dollars being withdrawn for Naira.

About a year ago, when I started earning huge dollars to my Payoneer account, I saw myself as the new millionaire in town considering the amount of Payoneer dollars I rake in every month. But sadly on getting to the bank ATM machines around me to withdraw, I was deeply disappointed with what the machines dispensed in the name of Payoneer dollars to Naira rate.

The amount of dollars in my Payoneer account, using the rate of dollars to Naira in the parallel market at the time clearly stated that I was a millionaire. But the ATM rates said otherwise. Because, the amount of money they took from my account per dollar & per withdrawal clearly puts me back to being a thousandaire.

Imagine getting paid with N267/$ for your hard earned Payoneer dollars when the dollar is currently N485/$ at the parallel market? That's a whooping N218 being stolen by the banks from every piece of dollars you might have earned. I don't blame people for choosing mmm over them.

For instance, if you earned $1,000 Payoneer dollars, that's 1000 x 218 = N218,000 being stolen from you. As if that is not enough, they bill you $3.2 per ATM withdrawal and an additional $1 for checking your Payoneer account balance with the ATM machine after withdrawal.

You may have experienced all of this out of ignorance, but its time you stopped and sell your Payoneer dollars at the profitable rate in Naira.

We buy/exchange your Payoneer dollars for you at the best rates ever and then use it to help those who may need it for online transactions. So you can sell to us and smile to the bank.

Why You Should Sell/Exchange With Us?
==>1. Trusted! We've lasted more than you can think of.
==>2. We buy as much as, as well as, as low as you can provide
==>3. We give you the best rate for your hard earned money
==>4. Fast response! We reply instantly on Whatsapp and Telegram
==>5. Fast Payment! After receiving, confirming your fund, we credit your Nigerian bank account of choice with the Naira equivalent instantly (no time!) 
==>6. The rate is dependent on the volume of Payoneer dollars you have for sale. That is, the higher the volume, the sweeter the rate you will get
==>7. Apart from Payoneer dollars, we buy skrill at a very good rate and then buy& sell Bitcoin as well.
==>8. If the “Pay/Make A Payment” features has been removed from your Payoneer account, making it impossible to transfer funds, but rely on ATM for withdrawals at an awkward rate. We can still help you. Just hit us.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016



Hi guys, hope you remember Zoto Mobile Recharge? A secure and Fastest way to recharge anywhere in Nigeria with lots of benefits. Zoto was introduced to you guys on this blog few months back and I'm pretty sure that lots of people are benefited from their "Earn N1000 by referring a friend". Some have earned more than #20000 within 24hrs, before the offer is stopped on the 1st of January 2017.

I'm glad to inform you that Zoto is back again with their amazing offer "Earn N1000 by referring a friend". Zoto gives you a massive N1000 Naira free of charge when someone uses your referral code or link to sign up.

Zoto mobile recharge is 100% secure with PCI-DSS certified and one of the few very secure recharge applications. All your transactions are 128 bit SSL secured with trust seal from industry leaders such as VeriSign.

Benefits of Using Zoto Mobile Recharge
» You can earn up to N50,000
» 100% cashback upto N300 on card amount of your first transaction
» Get 50% cashback upto N100 on card amount from second recharge. 
» Invite a friend and earn N1000 on your friend first recharge
» Invite up to 50 friends!
» You can view your earn cash and use them to recharge or buy data
» Prepaid Mobile recharge for all major operators in Nigeria including Airtel, Etisalat, MTN, and Glo
» Fastest Recharge: Complete your online recharge transaction within seconds.

For now, it is available for iOS and Android users, but BB10 users can also install it. 
» Download Zoto app here. When registering, use my referral code HAFEZM

Register and fill in your complete details, Then tick I have Referral and input this code HAFEZM  
Once you have typed in the code and completed your registration, you would be given free N1000 and I also will get free N1000If you make a first recharge of just N50 from the app.

After that you can start sharing your referral name to get as much as N50,000 airtime when you refer friends

Note: As usual, the offer will not last forever. According to the management, it is a limited time offer. You should hurry up and earn N1000 by referring a friend! and make much money as possible 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA Update Now Available For Gionee M5 Mini

Android 6.0 Marshmallow OTA Update Now Available For Gionee M5 Mini

Long awaited , finally Gionee M5 Mini now receives the Android 6.0 Marshmallow  OTA update , all user can now be able to update to the latest version online.
Without doubt the Gionee M5 mini is a great smartphone and with update things will get more awesome .


  • Go to your Gionee M5 Mini settings.
  • Scroll down and tap on the 'About Phone'\
  • Then click on system update.
  • You will see the update there
  • Now click the download button , to download and install the update.

Note:Before running this update , make sure your phone is unrooted, and you have and active and stabled data connection , also be sure your battery isn't low to prevent interruption.

Update and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!
MTN pulse Night Plan Is Back Again

MTN pulse Night Plan Is Back Again

Hey guy am happy to let you know that
Mtn night plan is now fully back., I guess you know that the reason why mtn night plan stop working is because of NCC,When they wanted to increase the rate in which data is sold to about 300%

Here is the message which we are getting from mtn when trying to subscribe for night plan

Many MTN users were unhappy how the friendly data plan was stopped by the telecom giants few nights ago because the night data is one of the best of all data plan for all Internet users, this night data plan let you to browse and download files up to 500mb for just 25 Naira only.
The method of activation and subscription still remains the same so to activate MTN night plan, migrate to MTN Pulse Tariff by dialing *406#
After that, sms NIGHT to 131 to activate #25 for 500mb night data plan