Top Tips to make your Instagram and Snapchat Account more popular

huawei y6 II
Instagram and SnapChat have become immensely popular in the past few years with over 700 million users which include businesses. These social media sites are used to engage with friends and loved ones. SnapChat has achieved an amazing feat of becoming the second most popular social media app in a very short time.
The secret to really enjoying social media especially Instagram and Snapchat is to have the right smartphone with a fantastic camera. Experts say that the quality of a smartphone’s camera is one of the most important requirements for a good picture whether capturing photos from last night’s dinner, holidays or date nights.
The Huawei Y6II’s 13 Megapixel rear camera has very nice features to make your Instagram and Snapchat photos and videos spectacular; a super night mode to give better quality pictures at night, the 13 MP rear camera captures every little detail to make it perfect for your social media photos. There is also a beautification mode with face recognition and 10 level face enhancement feature which means you get to have your picture edited automatically without the stress of photo editing apps. And to top it up, it has a 5.5-inch, 1280×720 HD display which makes all photos on the Y6II look superb.
Use these few tips below to keep your Snapchat and Instagram on the “super-cool” list:
  • Photo editing – Use the Y6II’s inbuilt beautification technology to enhance your photos with various makeup styles and simply touch the image to preview your applied effects. The beautification technology gives you amazing and very natural effects.
  • Panorama Pictures: Average smartphones don’t give you a wide angle for taking group selfies “groufies” and this most times is a disadvantage especially when you want to capture scenery around you such as a beach you’re on at a vacation, your well arranged apartment, your nice dress, etc. The Huawei Y6II solves this problem as it has a 77’ angle lens which captures more detail.
  • Quick Updates on the Go – The Huawei Y6II uses a high end Kirin 620 64-bit A53 Octa-core processor which makes the phone perform activities quickly. This comes in handy especially for Snapchat lovers who usually want to capture random moments and quickly post. The impressive processor ensures smooth performance even while multi-tasking.
  • Keep it Fresh and Interesting: Create witty captions to always keep your followers wanting more and thereby creating engagement on your page. Even though having a super-cool phone like the Huawei Y6II does a lot for you, ensure your page content is fresh, fun and regularly updated. Having lots of LOL’s and laughter emojis in your comments shows you’re doing things right

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