Friday, March 9, 2018

Official List Of The Infinix Smartphones That Will Receive Android 8 Oreo OTA Update

Official List Of The Infinix Smartphones That Will Receive Android 8 Oreo OTA Update

Android 8.0 Oreo is as comprehensive a version of Android as there has ever been, and it is as stable, feature-rich and functional as ever. Oreo very much strives to be the OS for everybody.

We have been watching out for Android 8 Oreo update from the infinix. As we know, the company has never relented in releasing updated versions for their smartphones. Now, InfinixMobility announced it in a thread at the Infinix XClub Forum by one of their Administrators (Eric-lisw) that the following Android devices will be getting Android oreo updates in India. If it gets to India, it will definitely get to Africa.

» Infinix Note 4 X572 32GB+3GB will be upgraded from Nougat to Oreo in April
» Infinix Note 4 Pro X571 will be upgraded from nougat to Oreo in May
» Infinix Zero 5 X603 will be upgraded to Oreo in August 2018.

In line with this announcement, the Infinix Note 4 X572 (32+2) will be the first to receive this update as early as next month. For those who don’t know what “32+2” means, it means the variant which has 32 GB ROM (internal storage) and 3 GB RAM. Since this seems to be a variant-specific update, not all Note 4s might be eligible for this update. Whether or not this will be the case, only time will tell.

How to Prepare for This OTA Update
If you own one of these models, then here are some tips to help you prepare for this update:
  • Take note of your phone’s present Build Number as this tells you which variant yours is in case it gets bricked during or after updating.
  • If you have rooted your phone, then ensure to unroot it because installing an OTA update on a rooted phone will most likely brick it
  • If you have flashed a custom recovery or modified any other partition like boot or system, then ensure to flash back that partition from a stock ROM / firmware for your Infinix phone‘s Build Number
No information yet regarding other infinix devices.

Saturday, March 3, 2018



Google officially closed its $1.1 billion deal with HTC Corp., adding more than 2,000 smartphone specialists in Taiwan to help the search giant chase Apple Inc. in the cut-throat premium handset market.

The deal will help Google design more of its own consumer hardware and could set it up to wade deeper into special-purpose chips -- like Apple. Google’s most recent Pixel model came with a new image processor to improve the device’s camera. More of this "custom silicon" will come in the future, Google’s hardware chief Rick Osterloh said in an interview.

Osterloh brought in HTC engineers and designers to help Google control more of the design and production of its products, including working more closely with suppliers. Google previously focused on software and let manufacturers including Samsung Electronics Co. and HTC handle the hardware. But modern phones offer features like augmented reality and artificial intelligence-based services that require close integration of software and hardware.

"You have to be vertical in some cases to really push the envelope for consumers," Osterloh said. "Our intention is to invest in this for the long term. You’ll see a steady increase in investment from us."

HTC said in a separate statement that it plans to proceed with its next flagship smartphone and will focus its efforts in the segment. “Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter at HTC as we continue to drive innovation in our branded smartphone and VIVE virtual reality businesses,” Cher Wang, chairwoman at HTC said in the statement.
For Google, a bigger step would be to create its own "system-on-a-chip" -- the main processors inside phones that Apple now inserts into its devices. Qualcomm Inc. provides the bulk of these chips to Android phone makers, and Osterloh said Google will keep working with the supplier for the foreseeable future.

Still, by designing more silicon itself, Google could cut business for other suppliers. Apple released its first system-on-a-chip in 2010, and has added special chips to store fingerprint and payment data, track motion, crunch graphics and run AI algorithms on mobile devices.

Google’s Pixel sales have been a fraction of Apple’s, but another phone maker designing more of its own components is a bad sign for suppliers. Dialog Semiconductor Plc slumped last month after telling investors that Apple, its biggest customer, could design its own power-management chips. Imagination Technologies Group Plc suffered a similar fate last year after Apple stopped buying the U.K. company’s graphics chips in favor of in-house designs.

The HTC deal is also bad news for manufacturers of phones based on Google’s Android operating system. Most of these companies have struggled to make money selling premium handsets that compete with the iPhone, while Google benefited from distributing search and other lucrative software services on those devices. Now Google is making its own high-end smartphones. The Pixel phone sold 1.5 million phones in 2017, up from 1 million the year before, according to Counterpoint Research. By contrast, Samsung is estimated to have shipped more than 300 million smartphone units last year.

If Android partners aren’t alienated by Google’s entrance, they are at least uneasy. After the Pixel arrived, some major Android manufacturers, like Samsung and Huawei Technologies Co., began to roll out more of their own services on their phones.

Other Android manufacturers "know why we’re doing this," Osterloh said. "Quite honestly, Apple is doing really well in developed markets."

After the HTC deal, Google plans to expand research and marketing, cut deals with more phone carriers and retailers, and move into new markets. Sales remain limited to nine countries, including the US, Germany and Singapore.

"China is obviously a very attractive smartphone market and we’re certainly interested in going back to China in the future, but we don’t have any plans to discuss and frankly it’s complicated for the company," he said. Google pulled its services from mainland China in 2010 after refusing to censor its search results.

If Google’s push into smartphones sounds familiar, that’s because the latest deal echoes Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility in 2012. That experiment flopped. Google never integrated the business and sold most of it to Lenovo Group Ltd. for $2.91 billion. In a blog post, Alphabet CEO Larry Page said Motorola would be better off with a company that’s "all-in when it comes to making mobile devices."

Osterloh knows the history well. He was at Motorola after the purchase and stayed on to run it for the Chinese company.

So what makes things different this time around? "The context, the time, it’s a different world than it was during the PC-era," said Osterloh.


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Friday, March 2, 2018



A camera phone is a mobile phone which is able to capture photographs. Most camera phones also record video. The first camera phone was sold in 2000 in Japan, a J-Phone model, although some argue that the SCH-V200 and Kyocera VP-210 Visual Phone, both introduced months earlier in South Korea and Japan respectively, are the first camera phones. Read more on Wikipedia.

Taking or capture photographs is the most used feature of smartphones and lots of people think that's where the use of the camera ends in a mobile phone.

Some people only snap pictures with their camera phone and they think that's where the use of the camera ends in a mobile phone, not knowing that there are lots of amazing things only a camera embedded in a device can do. Here's a list of 12 Useful Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone Camera Apart From Snapping Pictures.

1. Document Scanning 
Have you been required to scan and send your document to companies, institutions, and any organization, probably for Job, or scholarship applications etc, through email or to be sent to the cloud. With your phone's camera right there with you and with any document scanning app being installed on your smartphone, that means you can achieve that so easily. Instead of going to a cyber cafe or using a traditional scanner hardware, your phone's camera can do that for you.

The apps that can see you through, having that your phone's camera is intact are as follows: Evernote app and Scanbot app are meant for iOS users, while Google drive is for only Android users, and CamScanner for Android and iOS users.

Note: The scanned document can also be converted into editable text. Just check the detail here.

2. Play Augmented Reality Games 
Augmented reality in phones has been around for some time now and tools like AR translation apps are great, but nobody ever seems to show you how to use the technology for fun. That shouldn't stop you using your phone's ability to play augmented reality games though - no matter where you are.

There are plenty of them about, like SpecTrek - the game where you search for virtual ghosts using a map and then shoot them down when you find them. Or there's Zombies, Run! where you have to get from A to B on a map, avoiding those pesky flesh eaters en route.

A word of warning: be very careful about running around and shooting at things in a city filled with real people, as you might get some funny looks, especially if you're old enough to know better.

 Another augmented reality game is Droid Shooting. Turn any real-life boring background into a real life shooting fest as you deal with waves upon waves of droids that will come and attack you. Droid Shooting utilizes your phone’s camera and makes it a viewfinder or HUD (Heads-up-display) for the battlefield. You will also find a radar at your disposal, so you’ll always know where those vicious droids plan to attack.

The game entertaining you as if the whole thing is real. Enjoy the game as your phone's camera delivers the service.

3. Barcode Scanner

Your phone's camera can be used to scan barcodes in order to get the information written on it, Since anything programmed into it, is always not visible for the naked eyes to see, but can only be known through the use of any barcode scanner app controlled by the camera. If you are using WhatsApp web on your PC, you must have come across the point where you will be asked to scan your barcode, in order for you to access and use your Whatsapp chat on PC.

You can also find a barcorde scanner in UC browsers. So, whenever you have any multiple lines of marks just in the form of several straight lines together, just use your barcode scanner app or UC Browser to scan the lines. Note, once you are scanning the camera will be active at work.

4. Language Translator
With your phone's camera, you can be able to translate the language in the form of text and symbol that seems to appear strange to you. And you can achieve that with your phone's camera and with the help of Google translator app for is meant for all Android and iOS devices. The translation works this way;

Once you have the Google translator installed on your device, probably Android smartphones or iOS devices. And you come across any language in the form of text or symbol which was written in anywhere, maybe on the wall, sign board, paper or book. Just launch the Google app translator and click the camera icon in the app. Now, your camera should start scanning while you place it where you want it to scan and translate probably the text. Then, the Google app while translating the text uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically interpret what you want to translate. That's it, although it is not perfect but trust me, it will surprise you. This can be very easier than the Google translator that requires you to type in your text before it can interpret it.

5. Look to the Stars
While few of us can ever boast to be blessed with the same sort of abilities as Brian Cox or Sir Patrick Moore, we can still revel in all that the stars have to offer from the comfort of our own homes (or gardens, anyway) thanks to apps like Star Chart and Google SkyMap.

Using AR, they allow you to point your phone skywards at night and get a fascinating overview of all those little lights. SkyMap gives you the names of stars and tells you where to point your phone to see certain planets. You'll feel like a Greek god in no time.

6. Use in Visual Search
With your mobile phone camera, you can be able to search Google with pictures or images, instead of going by typing text. This can be educational and fun catching. There are several search apps that can allow you to snap a picture using your phone's camera and after that, they enable the picture to be used in searching on Google search instead of text.  For example, you might snap a device probably, a handset or laptop and search it on Google. The result of the search engine would be on the available details/information of the snapped product. Also, you snap a photo of a tourist attraction, and search it, the result will be out displaying the center for the tourist, location, and much more related information.

7. Solving Mathematics Problems
If you are the type of student that find it difficult to understand or solve math problems, you can make use of your phone camera to perform the wonders with the help of an app called "Photomath".

The app is good for students to use when solving any related math problem. You can as well go for it.

8. Serve as Mirror

This is common, use of phone camera especially among the female folks. You see them constantly checking their face and makeups using their phone camera. Isn't it?

9. Serve as a Security Component
Do you have an old camera phone that you are not using anymore? Do you have more than one camera devices? The truth is, you can use your phone camera for surveillance and security purposes just like CCTV

10. Check Electronic Remote Control 
Another important use of your phone Camera is to check if a remote control is functioning. To do this, just let the remote control of your TV, DVD or decoder etc, face your camera, then press any button on the remote controller and you will see a dull red light blinking as you press the keys. This is made possible because the camera lens detects infrared beams which remote controllers makes use of. So before concluding that your remote battery is dead or the remote is faulty, use your camera to run a simple test.

11. Educational Purpose
Are you the type that is lazy in writing not in the lecture hall, you can as well use your camera to snap all your friends note. Have you done this before? Many people into this already. Students always go for things that makes life simpler and easier for them.

12. Detecting Hidden Camera
Hope you know that there are hidden CCTV spy cameras in some many hotel rooms? You can simply use your phone camera to figure out the particular spot and where the camera is mounted especially in dark rooms. Just take a shot in a dark room, if the picture shows signs of rays of light, then there's a camera in the room. This is not just applicable to hotel rooms only, but any other dark place with surveillance camera.