MTN Giving 200% Data Bonus To Subscribers – How To Be Eligible

Ever since Ntel started acting like they’re having partial mental health issues I decided to switch back to MTN and guess what?

MTN data zaps faster than water from a broken bucket, the way it finishes I wonder if someone else is using my data with me. 
All the same I still keep using it because it’s fast and also because there’s a solution for the data zapping since I can’t get my 12gb for N1000 on Ntel for now.
MTN is offering 200% Data Bonus if you subscribe to any data plan. This means  you’ll get 3GB instead of 1.5B for N1000.
However there’s a catch to it you – must have a phone with 4G for you to get the bonus. So what happens to those with just 3G.
I have a solution for you, I’ve tested it and it’s working. 2 of my smartphones have 4G so all I do is put the SIM of the phone with 3G in the 4G phone, browse for a few minutes then remove it and put it back in the phone.  
So you can find a friend with a 4G enabled device, subscribe, browse for about 5 minutes, then put your SIM back in your phone. 
To subscribe dial *131*4#

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